They do not pay them a Christmas bonus! They would suspend works in Calderitas

Workers participating in the remodeling from the boardwalk of the town of Calderitas, they threatened with suspend the work before him non-payment of the bonus by the company responsible for the project.

They highlighted that they are an average of 60 workers that, so far, have not received the pay corresponding to the second week of December by the company IUSA Construcciones SA de CV

The workers requested that their case be heard by the State Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare, since the deadline established by the Federal law for the payment of bonuses.

The workers pointed out that the amounts owed to them are different, since the mason laborer receives 1,800 pesos a week, while the officer receives 2,500 pesos.

In this sense, José Gilberto Serrano, Humberto Santiago and Mateo Rodríguez denounced AmericanPost.News that, in addition to not being paid, they receive degrading treatment from the personnel in charge of the work.

They tell us that the Government has been late with the check for the payment… These are the conditions that if we don’t like it, we can leave… And what they owe us? Our Christmas bonus?

For now, they have ruled out suspension of work, since they hope to be helped by the authorities, although they made it clear that, in case of neglect, they would go on strike.

They do not pay them a Christmas bonus! They would suspend works in Calderitas.

They request a loan from agiotistas

They urged attention because, in order to support their families, they have been forced to borrow money, even with agiotistas, but they are no longer in a position to acquire more debts.

It is worth mentioning that this is the fifth protest movement against the company IUSA Construcciones SA de CV for irregularities in payment and cruel treatment of its workers.

This construction company carries out, with 161 million pesos filed by the Ministry of Territorial and Urban Development, the Construction of the Malecón, Integral Renovation of the Urban Image of the Costera de Calderitas and Commercial Corridor.