They exhibit mistreatment of Galilea Montijo to his companions of ‘Hoy’

Again the beautiful host of the program “Today”, Galilea Montijo became a topic of conversation in show business after one of his colleagues exhibited the mistreatment he has with some of his colleagues.

Over the years, the 49-year-old driver has established herself as one of the main figures of the morning of Televisa, where he shares credits with other figures of the stature of Andrea Legarreta, Raúl “Negro” Araiza and Arath of the Tower.

Nevertheless, One of the transmission’s most beloved collaborators decided to put a stop to Galilea Montijo’s attacks and show it to all the fans of the morning, something that immediately generated speculation about a bad relationship.

During one of the sections of the “Hoy” program, Galilea Montijo was in a bad way in front of his millions of followers after one of his classmates decided to show the images in which he hit several of his classmates.

It was the funny comedian “The Indian Brayan” The person in charge of demonstrating that the driver from Guadalajara does not have the best of relationships with several of her colleagues because she gave them strong slaps that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

In the images shown in the section “La Slippery of the Indian Brayan” we observe that Galilea Montijo has a strange way of encouraging his companions in the different contests of the “Hoy” program.

And it is that the model, who is usually the captain of one of the teams, slaps several of her teammates tremendously, apparently, so that they concentrate and win the competition.

In the video we can see that Galilea Montijo “hits” Shanik Berman, Arath de la Torre and Lambda García, but it is all a simple joke, as they show that they have an excellent relationship in the morning.


Through her social networks, Faisy, host of “I fall down laughing”, announced that he is carrying out an important project together with Galilea Montijo, so it was speculated that he may possibly leave the Televisa morning, one of the most watched on open television.

In front of his millions of followers on Twitter, the famous comedian and leader of La Familia Dysfuncional reported that together with Galilea Montijo they will be in charge of conducting the special program on September 15, the date on which one more anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.

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