They fear that actor Héctor Parra will take his life in prison

Previously, Ginny Hoffman published a statement in which she indicated that the legal process against the actor Hector Parrawent to the next stage after the Justice Prosecutor’s Office formally accused him of crimes of abuse and corruption of minors, a situation that, according to a friend of the accused, he has very badly.

It is a very hard blow for both the actor and his family, mainly for his daughter Daniela, who has been seeking financial support to continue paying for her father’s defense and has always defended her innocence.

On AmericanPost.News We released the video of the actor’s arrest at the door of his house, and it shows various details that his defense alleged during the hearings.

Héctor Parra could make an attempt on his life

The accusations of sexual abuse are very serious The young woman affirms that she was the victim of her father

Nayura Aragón, a very close friend of the also presenter, detailed during an interview that he is in a very delicate situation that has his family living with great uncertainty because Parra suffers from depression and the situation he is experiencing has aggravated everything.

“Héctor is wrong, if those of us who are outside feel great uncertainty, imagine him, he feels it a thousand percent being innocent.”

He also said that he was undergoing treatment to overcome his depression, but the eight months he has been locked up and the conditions in which he is in the place, has caused his mental and emotional stability to be affected.

“He is taking antidepressants and maybe also anxiolytics. He’s been here for almost a year and he’s desperate. I fear for everything, I fear that at this point he will give up.”

For her part, Daniela Parra spoke about what is happening in her family due to the process that the actor is experiencing and exploded against Hoffman for asking for 29 years in prison against her father.

What did Hector Parra do to his daughter?

The young woman claims that she was a victim of her father

According to the accusing party, the actor improperly touched his daughter Alexa when she was little, and the accusations were revealed through a video for Instagram in which they indicated that they initiated legal proceedings against her.

After almost a year of preventive detention, Héctor Parra was formally accused of sexual abuse and corruption of minors, charges that would send him to prison for almost 30 years.

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