They filter video of Bad Bunny showing his “pack”

Bad Bunny did a Tik Tok live over the weekend to present the songs from his new album A summer without you, where the Puerto Rican delighted his fans who faithfully accompanied him live.

It seems that in addition to singing, the Bad Rabbit was very happy, and even confessed that he had a few “too many drinks” and as if that were not enough of all this the interpreter “I behave pretty” He also occupied the virtual space to show off his “package”.

It turns out that in the middle of his song Aguacero, the talented Bad Bunny stood up and showed what seemed to be an erection, in fact the singer was very explicit and took his most intimate part.

Did Bab Bunny show off her pack?

Bab Bunny showed off her pack. She calmed down that it was a roll of paper stuck in her shorts Bad Bunny did a surprising live

To criticize through what is seen in the video, that was what he wanted his fans to think at that moment, because seconds later the singer pulled a roll of paper towels out of his pants.

He explained that it was a roll of paper stuck in his shorts Bad Bunny did a surprising live

It should be noted that the famous Benito Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny’s real name, clarified in that same live his relationship with the businesswoman Gabriela Berlingeri.

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The Bad Rabbit and Gabriela Berlingeri

Bad Bunny did a surprising live

During the live broadcast, the artist indicated that they are best friends but sometimes they are boyfriends: “Gabriela and I are such close friends. We are best friends, we are besties […]”

Finally, the singer Bad Bunny expressed: “Right now, Gabriela and I are best friends. Tomorrow if she wants to have a boyfriend, she can have one because we are best friends.”

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