They find lifeless 4 of 5 missing university students in Zacatecas

four of the five youths that had been reported as disappeared They were found dead in a region of north-central Mexico plagued by violence and where two massacres have been recorded in the last two weeks, leaving 16 dead.

The bodies of the young people were found on February 13 inside a van in which they were traveling in a state highway of the Genaro Codina municipality of the state of Zacatecas, the State Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday. He did not specify the identity of the deceased.

Over the weekend, the Zacatecas Prosecutor’s Office had reported the disappearance of Irving Castor and Natalio Torres, both 21 years old, Luis Ángel Manzanares and teacher Alexia Abrego Esqueda, both 25 years old, and Valeria Landeros, 24 years old, arrested when they left from a nightclub on February 12 and transferred in the vehicle of one of the victims.

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Three of the young people were students at the Technological University of the State of Zacatecas, located in the city of Guadalupe, while Manzanares was studying for a degree in Physical Education at the Benemérita Manuel Ávila Camacho Normal School.

The University and the normal school confirmed the deaths of Castor, Torres and Manzanares on their Facebook accounts, while the death of Abrego Esqueda was reported by his relatives to local media.

In the municipalities of Fresnillo and Pánfilo Natera in Zacatecas, on February 5, the corpses of 16 people whose murders were attributed to clashes between criminal organizations that maintain a dispute over territorial control.

At the beginning of the year, 10 bodies were found inside a truck that was abandoned next to a huge Christmas tree outside the Zacatecas Government Palace.

During 2021 the Violence intensified in Zacatecaswhere clashes multiplied and bodies were found hanging from bridges and other public places, events that authorities and analysts attributed to disputes between the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels.

To deal with this situation, the federal government ordered at the end of November the dispatch of 850 members of the National Guard to the capital of Zacatecas and another 390 to nine municipalities in the state that do not have municipal police.

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At the beginning of the year the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He admitted that the containment of violence represents one of the challenges in the remaining three years of his six-year term.

According to figures from the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, during 2021, 33,308 homicides were registered, a decrease of 3.6% compared to the previous year.

López Obrador’s security policy has been questioned by opponents and analysts, who maintain that there is no defined plan and that he only applies isolated actions that have not contributed to solving the crime problem in the country.

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