They find Marie’s body inside a freezer; she was 93 years old

United States.- The body of a 93-year-old woman was found dead inside a freezer that was in the garage of his house in the city of Sebastián, Florida, United States.

A neighbor of the old woman worried about her after many days without seeing herso he notified the authorities, who arrived at the woman’s house to investigate the disappearance.

The 93-year-old woman was identified as Marie Hisking, her neighbor told the police that she had not seen her neighbor leave or enter for several days, a situation that seemed strange to her.

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The police officers who arrived at the scene tried several times to talk to someone but no one answered them, so they asked the relatives of the old woman for a key to the house in order to access the house.

When they entered the house, they met a daughter of the old woman, who told them that she had not seen her mother for a long time.a situation that raised suspicions so they inspected the house.

During the inspection, the agents opened a freezer that was in the garage of the house, inside it was the body of Marie.

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The old woman’s daughter was arrested and taken to the police station where she was questioned, it is unknown if the woman is being investigated