They force Tania Rincón to work with a driver who cannot stand in ‘Hoy’

Moments of tension were experienced again in the program “Today” after production forced its new host, Tania Rincon to living with one of his companions with whom he allegedly has not had the best of relationships since they met in the corridors of “Venga La Alegría”.

At the beginning of the week, the morning of the San Ángel television station shared a message in which he announced the incorporation of Tania Rincón to the programa, something that generated divided opinions among Internet users as they recalled that he had an outstanding past in “Venga La Alegría”.

What’s more, The fans recalled that on some occasion the famous woman born in the city of La Piedad, Michoacán, openly revealed that she did not have the best of relationships with one of the current collaborators of the program “Hoy”, which could surely make a difference.

A few years ago, in one of her many morning invitations, Tania Rincón was questioned about who was the driver she couldn’t stand; Without revealing any name, the presenter said that she was a blonde and that they had worked together.

Immediately after, Galilea Montijo said that she already knew who she was and began to speak as a Cuban in clear reference to Rachel Bigorra, current participant in the second season of “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”.

Tania Rincón and Raquel Bigorra had to live together in one of the sections of the “Hoy” program, so the moment immediately went viral, as Internet users were waiting to see if they would say something about their possible differences.

It was in the game “Pass it to the blackboard” where the conductors defended the red team, commanding by Andrea Legarreta; but curiously not a single word was addressed, so they showed that they cannot even be in painting.

Despite the fact that they were on the same team and very close to each other, the beautiful drivers of “Hoy” were limited to participating in the game without saying anything, so the fans speculated that they were forced to pose together in front of the cameras to end any rumors.


In one of her appearances in San Ángel, the famous woman gave a lot to talk about after she was questioned about which television station treated her best since she can presume that she worked in both and knows how they are handled.

It was in the section “Where was the ball?” when the television presenter stole spotlights after Galilea Montijo asked her for her complete honesty by revealing on which television station she has been treated best.

Without keeping anything, Tania Rincón confessed that on Televisa they put a red carpet for her to enter, making it clear that she would rather be on the Hoy program than her time at “Venga La Alegría”.