They go by warning labeling for cosmetics

Dulce María Silva Hernández, deputy of Brunettepresented an initiative to establish a warning labeling a cosmetics so that consumers can be aware of the risks that the use of certain products represents.

Through a statement, the legislator explained that these products contain ingredients from different origins, among which she said there are chemicals that have negative health effects from people and the environment, as is the case with parabens.

He pointed out that several studies link these substances with reproductive and endocrine problems, so it is necessary “to undertake decisive actions, in order to prevent diseases in the population. In this sense, he presented an initiative on a new labeling in Mexico, now for beauty products.

Warning labeling for cosmetics seeks to prevent

The initiative seeks to establish in article 272 of the General Health Law The new labeling in Mexico includes five seals

Silva Hernández pointed out that in the country more and more products are advertised to be free of chemicals and Silva Hernández, however, indicated that not everyone is clear about what they are or the problems that their consumption entails, or if indeed are free of these.

“Short-chain parabens are the most widely used preservatives in the cosmetic industry and correspond to a family of chemical compounds derived from p-hydroxybenzoic acid, recognized for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties, also used in food and drugs,” he explained.

Also, he highlighted that Mexico It is one of the five countries that produces the most articles of person carethe global scale, for which he said that it is important to promote the social responsibility of the cosmetic industry to contribute to the health of its consumers.

The initiative presented by the deputy of Morena seeks to establish in article 272 of the General Health Law that all cosmetics marketed have a label indicating whether they contain parabens or whether they were used in the inputs for their preparation.

What is the new labeling in Mexico?

The new labeling in Mexico includes five seals

The new labeling in Mexico includes five seals that warn if a product has an excess of any of the nutrients or ingredients identified as harmful to health: sugars, sodium, saturated fats, trans fats and calories. Do you think that cosmetics should include a warning labeling how do you propose Brunette? AmericanPost.News wants to know your opinion, leave us your comments.

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