They grant reason to Quintana Roo in border conflict

The president of Committee for the Defense of the LimitsReynaldo Blanco Baeza, assured that experts in Archeology and Historical Linguistics, appointed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) grant the legal reason to Quintana Roo in the border conflict.

He stressed that after a series of documentary analysisthe specialists concluded that the entity does correspond to the territory that Yucatan disputes through the constitutional controversy 226/2019.

Reynaldo Blanco recalled, as he has opportunely published AmericanPost.Newsthat the government of Yucatan filed the Constitutional controversy 226/2019, since June 2019, which was accepted by the SCJN, this after Quintana Roo issued a decree that confirmed the limits of its territory.

This is Decree Number 303, whose publication, at the same time, revived the border conflict with Campeche, in which the entity has given the first expert contributions that, according to the President of the Pro-Defense Committee, have turned out in its favor.

However, he made it clear that despite the fact that the experts grant the legal reason to our State, there is still no ruling on the constitutional controversy.

pending tests

They grant reason to Quintana Roo in border conflict.

He explained that, at this time, the controversy is in the stage of unburdening evidence and expert opinions on cartography, geopositioning, judicial and ocular inspection are still pending.

There is also another series of test analyzes remaining, such as that of geospatial geography, although he expressed confidence that they will come out in favor of Quintana Roo.

By the way, he anticipated that despite the progress made, it would not be this year when the SCJN issues a ruling since the entire process was postponed, for almost a year and a half, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that limited work in the courts. .