They hack Juanita Alonso’s WhatsApp account, ask for money in her name

Hacking of accounts WhatsApp of public officials or public figures, it is becoming more and more common, since so far in December two celebrities have already been victims of this crime in Quintana Roo, The first was Luis Alegre, former federal deputy and now the municipal president of Cozumel Juanita Alonso.

Through an official statement, the official confirmed said hack and also showed the way in which these criminals operate, “I inform you that my cell phone was hacked today and they are sending messages on my behalf, asking to deposit money to accounts of different banks, “he published.

Watch out! Record your voice

They hack Juanita Alonso’s WhatsApp account, ask for money in her name

He stressed that he has already filed a complaint with the corresponding authorities, but also asked all citizens to share the information so that their contacts and even people in general fall for the fraud of criminals, who usurp the identity of the official and take advantage of the situation.

“The corresponding authorities are taking charge of the situation. Please help to share this information and prevent someone from being a victim of this scam, “said the municipal president. Juanita Alonso placeholder image. In addition to that, it showed images of how they operate and the messages sent by thieves.

Next the account number that they send for the deposit or transfer, Bancomer 4152-3138-1970-8848 in the name of Sergio Ivan Ruiz Murillo.

It should be remembered that just a few days ago the former federal deputy Luis Alegre denounced the same case, being the victim of these criminals, however, he confirmed that at least three of his contacts fell into the trap and in total deposited around 50 thousand Mexican pesos and also affirmed that the National Guard and the Attorney General’s Office are already investigating the case.

They hack Juanita Alonso’s WhatsApp account, ask for money in her name

Finally, it is known that the modus operandi of these subjects is the following, they make a call to record your voice, since WhatsApp it asks for two authentications as security and one of them is the voice, having said recording they enter it and with it they take control of the account and that is how they begin to ask for money; this is being more frequent in celebrities, public officials or wealthy people.

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