They hack the team of Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja

The YouTube channel of Team Phoenix is being hacked by unknown people who are sharing video game content through this channel belonging to Kimberly Loaiza, Juan de Dios Pantoja and his friends who belonged to Badabun.

In this account they usually upload videos together while doing challenges or vacationing but now the controversy has been unleashed since someone hacked them.

Team Fénix is ​​hacked

It should be noted that the popular official Phoenix team has many enemies, and perhaps some of them might want to take revenge on the team members or it may simply be that it is all a new joke from the youtubers.

Team of Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja was hacked

Team Fénix is ​​hacked

This has been commented by many people since in recent days, Queen and Kim have not measured themselves with the jokes to their fans and have invented that they are pregnant and even that they are going to get married as long as people see their videos.

That is why many do not believe that it is a real hack and think that they are making it up to make it even more popular.

Who makes up Team Fénix?

Team Fénix is ​​made up of several former members of Badabun, who broke their relationship with this company due to mistreatment. Although there were legal problems, they emerged to make their own YouTube channel and boost their projects.

  • Kim shantal
  • Kevin Achútegui
  • Queen Goodface
  • Daniela alfaro
  • Kimberly loaiza
  • Juan de Dios Pantoja
  • Alex Flores

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