They hack WhatsApp of Joaquín López Dóriga and ask for money in his name

Journalist Joaquin Lopez Doriga has become the new victim of cyber criminals, because in the last hours it was reported that his account WhatsApp it was hacked and those responsible were asking for money on his behalf.

After some contacts such as journalists Ciro Gómez Leyva, Carlos Marín and the host Paola Rojas received the messages, they contacted López Dóriga to notify him of the event, who reported it to the authorities.

It was through the official account of Twitter of Joaquín López Dóriga that notice of the fact was given, asking that they ignore the messages and that he will notify his contacts as soon as he can recover his personal WhatsApp account.

Joaquín López Dóriga is hacked on WhatsApp

Joaquin Lopez Doriga reported the event on his other social networks, reporting what has caused the journalist to once again be involved in a scandal after a few weeks ago he was named ‘the king of fake news’ for sharing rumors to attack AMLO.

Fortunately, Joaquín López Dóriga’s contacts noticed immediately, so he is already taking action to restore the security of his account and avoid problems due to these scams that are being carried out in his name.

Celebrities suffer constant hacks on WhatsApp

López Dóriga joins the list of famous victims of WhatsApp hacks

As we have informed you in The Truth News, It is not the first time that a public figure has suffered a hack in one of his social networks, since recently the owner of Morena Mario Delgado suffered a hacking of his account and those responsible made scams in his name.

Due to the increase in cases, the authorities have been asked to take action on the matter and implement strategies to prevent access to third parties on personal social media accounts of celebrities.

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