They identify a candidate for the United States Navy SEAL commando who died after a demanding test

Another comrade was injured after the test and was taken to Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Photo: US Navy/Getty Images

After an aspiring United States Navy SEAL commando died hours after completing a grueling admissions test known as “Hell Week,” authorities identified the deceased as Kyle Mullen, a 24-year-old man who joined the Army last year.

According to a USA Today report, Mullen, a native of Manalapan, New Jersey, was killed during a class on underwater demolition, survival and other combat tactics near San Diego, California on Friday.

Meanwhile, another candidate for the elite military squad had to be hospitalized during the complicated training, but is in stable condition at Naval Medical Center San Diegopointed out the aforementioned medium.

The tragedy occurred in the fourth week, which marks the end of the first phase of evaluation and selection of candidates for the SEAL commando, The Associated Press reported.

The applicants in the first phase compete to be chosen for the tests within the Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command.

The SEAL commando, considered an elite unit of the naval arm of the Armed Forces, looks for candidates to pass a demanding 26-week training program before joining.

Among those who mourned Mullen’s death was Ed Guerreri, the football coach at Manalapan High School, where he came to play, He cataloged him as “a great athlete, but a better person.”

“Everyone wanted it,” Guerreri declared. “Probably one of the best sons I’ve ever had. Great, great guy on the pitch, but even better off it.”

Guerreri revealed that his players will wear a patch number 44, which was the one worn by Mullen during his time in high school.

For his part, Rear Admiral HW Howard, leader of the United States Navy Special Warfare Command, joined in the words of condolences for Mullen.

“We are extending every form of support we can to the Mullen family and Kyle’s classmates,” Howard said in a statement.

Last related incident dates back to 2016

The last recorded death by an aspiring SEAL commando during training was in 2016, when 21-year-old Seaman James Dereck Lovelace He lost consciousness and died after an instructor pushed him underwater at least twice while trying to stay afloat in a swimming pool.

Although the San Diego County Medical Examiner initially ruled Lovelace’s death a homicide, a year later the Navy said it would not pursue criminal charges against the instructor after it was discovered that the deceased had an enlarged heart that contributed to his death. death, as well as an abnormal coronary artery, so it was considered as a sudden cardiac death.

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