They investigate eight deaths that would be related to the passage of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico

Among the cases of possible deaths related to the hurricane, that of a 4-month-old baby stands out.

Photo: Erika Santelices/AFP/Getty Images

Some eight deaths could be directly or indirectly related to the passage of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. However, the director of the island’s Demographic Registry, Wanda Lovet, clarified that the statistics have not registered deaths this Tuesday.

Among the cases that could be considered related to the hurricane is a 4-month-old baby, who supposedly needed medical attention, but did not receive it on time.

It is a case of a woman, a mother of a baby, where the woman indicates that she had problems accessing the health center where she had to attend to the child, who had some type of medical conditionConte pointed out.

The baby lived in the municipality of Aibonito. He was transferred to a local hospital, where he died, reported El Nuevo Día.

Conte clarified that not all the deaths that arrived at the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) to be evaluated are related to the climatic phenomenon. Five cases are currently under evaluation at the institute.

At the moment, the only death that is evaluated as direct to Hurricane Fiona is that of a 58-year-old man who died on Monday in Comerío, identified by the police as Gilberto Ayala Aponte.

Conte stated that guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should be followed, which allude to the fact that direct death is “a death directly attributable to the forces of the disaster.”

Likewise, Conte said that it could also be a structural collapse, flying debris or exposure to chemical substances that must occur at a time when the cyclone passes through the area. The other four deaths that are being evaluated are indirect, pointed out El Nuevo Día.

The CDC states that an indirect death occurs when unsafe or unsanitary conditions are present at any stage of the disaster and contributed to that death.

Among the cases that are being evaluated by the ICF as possible indirect deaths, is that of the four-month-old baby, a man who died prior to the hurricane’s impact in a shelter in the municipality of Culebra, a man who was burned by a generator electricity in Arecibo, a man who died electrocuted by a generator in the capital San Juan and a woman who suffered a fall due to lack of electricity in the municipality of San Lorenzo.

Given the inclement passage of Hurricane Fiona, Pedro Pierluisi, Governor of Puerto Rico, announced that he will establish a major disaster declaration for President Joe Biden.

“I hope that the president accepts our request soon. When this happens, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will be fully available to complement the efforts of NMEAD (Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration) in recovery efforts,” Pierluisi said at a press conference. .

The approval of this declaration will mean aid for public and individual assistance, although at the moment no permanent improvements through FEMA. Aid through the agency will be requested later, the governor said.

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