They investigate the threat of a shooting made by a 15-year-old teenager against a school in South Carolina

Greenville police continued to monitor the high school Monday after the threat.

Photo: William Thomas Cain / Getty Images

A 15-year-old student was brought to the order of authorities after allegedly posting a threat of shooting at a high school in Greenville County, South Carolina., reported the local school district.

The publication was made through the social network Snapchat, where a threatening message appeared saying that Someone will shoot JL Mann High School on Monday at 8:30 a.m.reported WYFF News 4.

After this publication, the police indicated that they arrested a 15-year-old boy, who is being accused of threatening a student and it was revealed that the teenager is part of that high school. His arrest occurred this Monday morning.

We can confirm that the source who originally made the threatening post on social media regarding JL Mann High School was identified and has been charged by the police.The Greenville School District stated in a statement.

“In accordance with the protocols of our emergency plan, we will have more law enforcement and district personnel on campus today to provide an additional layer of security and reassure students and staff,” reads part of the statement, in which they warned parents should remind their children that making these types of threats could have consequences.

During Sunday night, the District, through its spokesman Tim Waller, communicated to WYFF News 4 about the threat, and stressed that they were aware of the publication that has circulated on social networks, and that as often happens, this was anonymous and has been shared multiple times.

The District noted that they will work together with authorities to question students to identify the 15-year-old, and emphasized what was written in Monday’s statement regarding increased security at the high school to reassure students.

For his part, Sergeant Jonhathan Bragg of the Greenville Police Department published a post in which he stated: “Tomorrow there will be more police presence in the high school as a precaution. We are investigating the post“.

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