They kill rapper Edai with bullets, report his death on social networks

  • Rapper Edai (Chicago drill) killed by several bullets
  • They confirm that he received six shots in the chest and stomach
  • He arrived at the hospital alive, but doctors could not save his life

Through social networks it is reported that rapper Edai (Chicago drill) is shot and his fans pay tribute to the singer for his tragic death, according to information that has been published on the news portal of The Sun.

The singer was recently killed, reports indicate that it was this Sunday morning. The artist was just 32 years old. The first reports indicated that he was shot twice in the back.


Rapper Edai killed
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However, after several forensic examinations, the doctors determined that the music star received a total of six shots, both in the chest and in the stomach, this information was released by the police.

After the accurate attack, the rapper was transferred by emergency medical services to a nearby hospital still alive, but unfortunately when the doctors arrived they could no longer do anything to save his life.


They kill singer
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It was the rapper’s mother who confirmed the tragic news through her Instagram account and, devastated, wrote the following for all her followers: “Everyone has to die, damn it, grow up normal and become the grandfather of all children (sic ) “.

And to make the message more poignant, he added the following: “Tell them how they survived the trenches so they can want something better. U well, no more worries or pain because God was ready for his son back (sic) ”. Filed Under: Rapper Edai Killed

They kill rapper Edai: DEPARTURE LAMENT

Chicago drill
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Comments from other artists immediately began to emerge who sent messages of affection and love to the artist who was shot to death. Rapper 600Breezy, who recorded with Edai, wrote on social media: “I felt untouchable … until today.”

Following this, several followers have made a kind of tribute to the singer Chicago drill and have published various writings on social networks: “All of the old days were cursed (sic)” and “I make you less of a brother (sic)”.


Rapper Edai killed
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Precisely the murder of rapper Edai (Chicago drill) occurs a few days after it was confirmed that his musician partner Gonzoe, 45, was also shot near a gas station in Seattle.

Gonzoe’s followers flooded Twitter with dozens of tributes. Alpha Martin tweeted: “RIP Gonzoe. I remember hitting him on MySpace for a verse and he actually responded, ”he wrote to recall the rap artist.


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Just about 18 days ago, the death of rapper Money Mitch was reported, who allegedly shot himself to death after he opened fire on police during a traffic stop in Lake Park, Florida.

Cops found the body of the rapper, whose real name is Mitchell Holmes, in an apartment near the scene last month, according to reports, The Mirror reported. Hip-hop star Money Mitch allegedly pointed his gun after opening fire on police officers during a police chase on June 23. Filed Under: Rapper Edai Killed


Chicago drill
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The musician was a murder suspect and committed suicide after a shootout with officers when investigators following him pulled over his Uber driver at a traffic stop, authorities said Friday.

In a video posted on Twitter, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Frank DeMario said the star was being watched by officers for a homicide case and was riding in an Uber when officers stopped the vehicle. “Our tactical unit was monitoring a murder suspect. They also have a probable cause in him from drugs. So they proceeded to do a traffic. I was riding in an Uber, ”DeMario said. Filed Under: Rapper Edai Killed

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