They maintain a millionaire bail against minors accused in Iowa of murdering a Spanish teacher because they did not raise the grade

Willard Noble “Chaiden” Miller (right) and Jeremy Everett Goodale face Iowa charges for the murder of a Spanish teacher.

Photo: Jefferson County Attorney’s Office / Courtesy

A judge in Iowa set bail at $ 1 million for the two teens accused of murdering Spanish teacher Nohema Graber.

Judge Joel Yates further established that you will only receive the sum of cash.

The Associated Press news agency reported that attorneys for Willard Noble “Chaiden” Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale, both 16, unsuccessfully requested that bail be lowered to seven figures.

The intention of the defendants and their lawyers was that they be released into the custody of their parents and remain under house arrest. However, the foregoing is not guaranteed as a result of the Yates imposition.

Prosecutors, for their part, requested that the bail be raised to $ 2 million based on the brutality of the crimes and the danger that young people allegedly pose to society.

Goodale and Miller, who have pleaded not guilty to the events, face charges in the murder of Nohema Graber.

The story took national media in November after the 66-year-old Fairfield High School educator’s remains were found in Chautauqua Park, Fairfield, after a missing person report was filed.

Some students they described the teacher as a hardliner, but the one they respected.

It was a difficult class. But actually, she was probably one of the best teachers we had because she held you up to her standards, and that was good for her, ”Sawyer Mast told KCCI.

According to Mast, Miller did not like the teacher at all.

“Knowing Chaiden, sharing classes with him, he did speak, not in a murderous way, but in a very aggressive way about his dislike with Mrs. Graber,” revealed the student.

Other students mentioned an argument between the teacher and Miller on November 2. Supposedly, the youngest wanted the educator to raise his grade in class.

The authorities concluded that this same student was in the park where the woman’s remains were found and that she visited continuously.

The body of the victim was under a tarp, a wheelbarrow and railroad ties. He had head trauma.