They make fun of William Valdés for his new song for this reason

William Valdés, the host of “Venga la Alegría,” has just released his first single since he is venturing as a soloist after leaving the group known as CD9 ten years ago.

However, the results were not as expected since the public disliked his new song, and the mockery has not stopped on the networks. In addition, they remind him of when he made fun of Jolette from La Academia because she did not know how to sing.

William Valdés showed his song titled “Playa en la Ciudad” in today’s broadcast of “VLA”: “I am very happy and very happy, even more for doing it here in my house Venga la Alegría. It is a dream come true for me because I have worked very hard”.

These are the jokes they made to William Valdés

These are the jokes left by the song by William Valdés.

Although William Valdés was very excited to sing his new song on “Venga la Alegría” while talking about what inspired him to create it and that it was one of the first deliveries he would make, the singer and host dedicated it to all his audience.

But users have shown displeasure and are making fun of his voice on social networks. They even sent him back to driving. These are some of the messages they are writing:

“I thought he only sang badly, but he is not good at dancing either,” “For God’s sake, who is fooling him by telling him that he sings!!!! That guy doesn’t do anything in the program” or “Very good song………Let’s hope it’s the last one.” said the users.

Who is William’s partner in Venga la Alegría?

William Valdés could be in love with Anette Cuburu.

Although it has not been fully confirmed, it is thought that the famous William Valdes could be in a romantic relationship with his “VLA” partner, Anette Cuburu. However, it was also revealed that the driver could be having a sugar daddy for the first time.