They manage the opening of Chichén Itzá for the spring equinox

Officials of the Yucatan Government and local travel businessmen, confirmed that they started the process before the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), in search of the archaeological zones of Chichen Itza and Dzibilchaltunopen their doors during the spring equinox 2022.

Under the argument that the entity is at a green traffic light and that all biosafety measures can be saved in the context of the covid-19 pandemic the interested parties requested the federal agency not to prevent access to said sites during the next March 21st.

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As we previously reported in AmericanPost.Newsgiven the increase in infections caused by the variant omicron, the possible closure of the archaeological zones during the spring equinox was reported, with the aim of avoiding large crowds and new cases of Covid-19.

“By the way, yesterday we were in a talk with the federal INAH, they have already agreed that we can evaluate the conditions for it to be open Chichen Itza with the appropriate protocols”, said the head of the Ministry of Tourism Development, Michelle Fridman Hirschafter the presentation of the details for the new air route between Mérida and Guatemala.

Federal backing

Visitors to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza during the spring equinox

From the Dzibilchaltún room of the XXI Century Convention Center, the state official highlighted that they have the support of the Ministry of Tourism (sector), in order to receive spring from the archaeological zones of Yucatanfor the first time since the arrival of Covid-19.

In said dialogue table, where the opening of Dzibilchaltún was also requested, the heads of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servitur) of Mérida and the Tourism Business Council (Cetur) from Yucatán, Iván Rodríguez Gasque and Jorge Carrillo Saenz, respectively.

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