They manage to rescue a young man from a kidnapping thanks to the sign language he learned on TikTok

A couple of days ago, Laurel County, North Carolina, officers apparently They would have thwarted the kidnapping of a young woman thanks to the girl’s cunning and skill in using something she saw on TikTok.

According to local media, A person who was driving on a road in this town noticed that a young woman who was traveling in the car in front of him was making signs that her hands, which at some point she saw in a TikTok video, where the meaning of the same was explained.

On TikTok, as on other social networks, various users have shared videos of signs that can be used by people who suffer domestic violence or who need help at a certain time, without putting their integrity or their lives at risk.

The motorist realized that the signs made by the teenager were the same as those in a clip she saw on the social network and that are used to call for help, so she immediately called 911 for help, to whom he told what happened and provided information on the site to which the car in front was heading.

Minutes later, the police managed to stop the car and learned that the 16-year-old passenger had been reported missing by her relatives.

The man, who was later identified as James Herbert Brick, 61, alleged they had been visiting relatives in Ohio. On his phone, the police found a photo of a minor portrayed in a sexual way.

The suspect was taken to the Laurel County Correctional Center and charged with illegal detention and possession of material depicting the sexual performance of a minor.

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