They offer a job in Casper to people who fall asleep everywhere

Now that there are many people who are part of the great renunciation, here is an opportunity that rarely arises in life, because Casper, the company of beds and mattresses is looking for someone who sleeps as much as possible and anywhere.

If on any occasion You’ve been fired for falling asleep on the job, maybe it’s time to put it on your resumeas the company is looking for Casper Sleepers.

The company has a job for you and will pay you to sleep and if you can do it in public, the better, because Casper wants to be seen sleeping on their products on social media and anywhere else people are watchingeither.

“So join us for literally sleeping on the job because we believe a good night’s sleep changes everything. Sleep in our tents and in unexpected places around the world”, says the summons.

And on the rare occasions when you’re not sleeping, you must share your experience with others by creating content on TikTok to post on Casper’s social media channels.

Demonstrate your ability to sleep and you can be Casper’s ideal candidate, he only asks you to:

Have exceptional ability to sleep
– Have as many wishes to sleep as possible
Willingness to be in front of or behind the camera capturing content
– Ability to sleep through anything
A passion for sharing and talking about all things sleep via Casper’s social channels
– Reside in the NYC area (preferred but not required)
– To be 18 years old or more
– Willingness to capture content and appear in social content

In exchange, the company offers you a part time salarycompensation and free Casper products (limited).

And if you want to tell Casper why you’d be right for the job, share an optional video with @Casper on TikTok with #CasperSleepers. If you post an optional video on social media, be sure to include your TikTok ID in your online application.

Applicants must submit their full application to be considered, including personal social identifiers. Don’t worry too much about showing up in formal wear, as the dress code is pajamas.

For more details, enter here.

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