They officially prohibit promoting inclusive language in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires have prohibited the use of inclusive language within schools, teachers are restricted not to promote itaccording to the mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta it is to simplify” The learning.

The city authorities have published a document indicating that schools will not be able to use the at sign, the X and the “e” as a form of to neutralize the gender of words.

A ministerial resolution from Buenos Airesissued this Thursday, announced that teachers at initial, primary and secondary levels must teach the spanish language according to its grammatical rules and established guidelines.

They deny that it is a ban on inclusive language

They deny that it is a ban on inclusive language Inclusive language in Argentina

For your part Rodriguez Larreta indicated that they made this decision based on the results of certain evaluationsbecause in these it was identified that there is a setback in language and writing, added that the contents must be clear, he said:

“That is why it is very important to clarify the contents well so that the children learn in the clearest way possible”

While the Minister of Education of Buenos Aires, Soledad Acunastressed that this decision it’s not a ban of inclusive language, since they only seek to promote “other ways of using it” without distortion the Spanish language.

Inclusive language Argentina

Inclusive language in Argentina

For her part, the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation, Elizabeth Gomez Alcortacriticized the government’s decision to ban inclusive language in schools from Buenos Airesindicated “nothing good is learned from a ban”.

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