They predict Shakira’s revenge after showing off in a magazine

Shakira finally spoke about her breakup with Gerard Piquéwith whom he has two children and for this reason the graphologist Maryfer Centeno took on the task of analyzing the body language of the 45-year-old Colombian artist.

That is why, taking up the words of Shakira, who assures You are in a difficult stage of your life. where music has been a light, MaryFer Centeno, 32 years old, sees beyond what has been said.

On this occasion, the famous Maryfer Centeno analyzes the cover of ELLE magazine starring Shakira for the month of October 2022, a cover that Shakira covers, where the expert assures that wearing feathers in her wardrobe is no coincidence since they symbolize freedom.

They analyze Shakira’s body expression

Maryfer Centeno focuses on the posture of Shakira’s hands and is that she is covering her chest as a way to protect her heart: “It is a protective posture, as if taking care of herself”, she also points out and explains that Shakira is defending her dignity and image when appearing with a raised chin and a defiant attitude, making it clear that he is not afraid of anything.

Despite the fact that she looks more beautiful than ever, with her heart in her hands she accepts that she is a vulnerable person, but Shakira looks like a strong woman despite being sad and has an air of revenge.

On the other hand, the black dresses that Shakira wore in the photo shoot call the attention of Maryfer Centeno because this color represents the desire for revenge.

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Shakira is a strong woman

Shakira is a strong woman

The also businesswoman at the time of entering the Elle magazine studio to talk about what happened with the soccer player Gerard Piqué, 35 years old, keeps her body straight always with a smile on her face, thus showing her strength.

It is not for less than this, in addition to guaranteeing absolute success, it reflects that Shakira is a strong woman who does care about what is being said about her and her family, even if she denies it.

“She is safe, strong, ready for whatever comes and however it comes,” says the graphologist and indicates that the famous never imagined that she would go through this and therefore she does not lie when she describes music as a miracle.

Lastly, Maryfer Centeno has said that: “When Shakira says: ‘I think we all go through difficult times’, the hands begin to…there is nervousness, contention, she lowers her gaze, she is going through a difficult moment, which she doesn’t know. I expected to live.”

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