They punish a participant of La Academia for talking “about you” to Arturo López Gavito

“You don’t talk about yourself to the director, or to the critic”, these were the remarks towards Santiago, the competitor of The academy 20 years old who, according to one of his teachers, does not address the personalities of the school with respect. Therefore, every disrespect towards Arturo Lopez Gavito she was punished with 50 lizards.

Due to Santiago’s indiscipline, the director of La Academia, alexander ach he highlighted “every time you talk about yourself to the teachers, 50 lizards”. Santiago accepted the wake-up call, but defended his actions: “In Mérida it is very common for everyone to talk about you. Although I don’t complain about the punishment either, 50 push-ups is something that also helps me”.

Later, the student ironized about the sanction. “There are 50 lizards, from 40 it is already punishment”, he said in a relaxed tone of voice. However, Santiago stressed that when his time at La Academia ends, he will be a better version of himself, a more honest and complete person.

At La Academia, “respect is fundamental”

They punish a participant of The Academy for talking “about you” to Arturo López Gavito.

As the cameras moved onto the stage, Yahir turned to director Alexander Acha for emphasis. “Respect is fundamental within the Academy.” To which Emmanuel’s son approved. “Of course it is the most important value, respect and obedience, in this case because they are students and we come here to teach them.”

He also stressed that this is not the time to decide because “we are here to follow the instructions, of course discipline and respect is the main value,” he concluded.

Arturo López Gavito, the “iron judge” of La Academia

They punish a participant of The Academy for talking “about you” to Arturo López Gavito.

AmericanPost.News reports that one of the most iconic judges of ‘La Academia’ is the critic Arturo López Gavito, who alongside Lolita Cortés has been in charge of making students of different generations see their musical mistakes.

But unlike Cortés, López Gavito has not worked in musical theater, although he has devoted his entire life to the music industry. In fact, despite the fact that Arturo López Gavito studied marketing, throughout his life he has developed as a music producer and manager.

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