They release a video of “Tsunami”, the song by Maluma, De La Guetto and Arcángel!

Today the new video of one of the songs of Maluma that correspond to your most recent album called “The love and sex tape”, what song are we talking about?

It is about “Tsunami”, a song that he performed Maluma in collaboration with reggaetoneros of the ghetto Y Archangel. In recent days, the Colombian singer was promoting this new video until finally, on August 3, it was placed on the YouTube video platform.

Among the details of this project, it is known that the video was produced in the city of Miami by the production company Royalty Films. They have reported that they are also about to release two other videos as they have already started working on them.

Maluma himself participated in directing his video

It has also been revealed that the reggaeton player Maluma He was involved in various creative aspects of the production of the video for his song “Tsunami”, so he has made sure that his ideas are captured and that it has the quality that his fans deserve.

It seems that they liked it because the video that they share with the also beloved De La Guetto and Arcángel because today it already has a total of 2,528,896 views in Youtube.

Also, as we told you in AmericanPost.NewsMaluma will participate in another long-awaited video clip, it is the song that he made in a duet with Anitta that they recorded together in Ibiza, Spain.

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What is the meaning of Maluma’s name?

This is the meaning of the name Maluma:

Many have wondered why the Colombian singer chose the famous name of Maluma, but luckily we already have the answer. He revealed that he created her stage name based on the names of her parents and her sister.

His mom’s name is Marili, while his dad is Luis. Likewise, the missing syllable from her was taken from the name of her sister named Manuela.

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