They released the details of the death of Mexican actor Enrique Rocha

  • Last Sunday the news of the death of actor Enrique Rocha, at 81 years of age, shook the entertainment world
  • At first, little was known about his death, because “the man was in very good health”
  • His great friend, Juan Ferrara, described the last moments of the actor in an interview with Televisa

The news of the death of the great soap opera villain has taken by surprise his followers, colleagues and even his closest friends. Now, they released the details about the death of Mexican actor Enrique Rocha and say he had the “death of the just.”

Last Sunday, November 7, the news of the death of actor Enrique Rocha, at 81 years of age, shook the entertainment world. At first, little was known about his death, since “the man was in very good health” and “had no antecedent,” according to Oscar Espejel, who worked for Rocha.

They unveiled details of the death of Mexican actor Enrique Rocha

In his statements to El Universal, Espejel only confirmed that the beloved actor had died “naturally”, but left everyone with the concern of knowing what he had died of then if he did not suffer from any medical condition. The family has not yet come forward to clarify it.

However, his great friend Juan Ferrara commented in an interview with Televisa about the actor’s last moments. “What Emilio Cárdenas, also a close friend, told me, the three of us had dinner together frequently, that (Enrique Rocha) went to bed to watch the (Formula 1) race and that he no longer woke up,” he said.

“The death of the righteous”

They release details of the death of Mexican actor Enrique RochaPhoto: Mezcalent

“He had what is called the death of the righteous. He died asleep, without fuss, without pain, without having a bad time. It was very unexpected, “added Ferrara about his friend’s departure and continued commenting on the” shock “he got when he received the unfortunate news.

“Really, it was a horrible scare, because I opened the phone and then they were asking me for a few words for the death of Enrique Rocha. I thought it was a joke at first. It was a horrible scare when I found out about everything. It was news that I never expected, ”he said.

Details about the totally unexpected death of Enrique Rocha

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Although Rocha was already 81 years old, he was in good health, which made his death truly unexpected. Ferrara confessed to being “devastated” by the loss of his friend, whom he had known since he was 13 years old, although he also knows that given his human qualities he will be remembered with appreciation by those who knew him, said People en Español.

The renowned actor also told about the last moments he shared with Rocha. “The truth is, because of this pandemic, I did not leave my house, two years ago, and he did not go out either. So we talked to each other every two or three months to see how everything was going ”, he revealed in the middle of the interview.

Got off the train early

Celebrities mourn the death of soap opera villain Enrique RochaPhoto: Instagram

“The last time I spoke to him, (we said) that we would see each other soon. And hence the news greatly surprised me. The news is like a scare. I always think it is a joke that is not true. I’m very sorry that he got off the train early, ”Ferrara lamented.

Although he concluded about his friend that “he was a very lucky man, very loved. He was wise for life. He always had words of encouragement, of landing you. A character from life. A great friend and I will remember his phrases. He was a very nice and very wise man. An adorable man. He always respected everyone ”.

Celebrities mourn the death of soap opera villain Enrique Rocha

Celebrities mourn the death of soap opera villain Enrique RochaPhoto: Instagram

Ferrara was not the only one who regretted the departure of the villain from “Rebelde” and “Corazón Salvaje.” After El Gordo y la Flaca and other media announced the news, many began to remember the prominent actor. “The great Enrique Rocha passes away at the age of 81, standing out for his roles as a villain in various Mexican soap operas and movies. So far the causes of death are unknown. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends, “wrote the entertainment program on his Instagram account.

One of the first to demonstrate was the actress Erika Buenfil, who had the opportunity to work closely with Rocha. “With deep pain. I learn of the sensitive death of a great lord. I carry it in my heart. Actor, partner, a gentleman in every sense of the word. Rest in peace. #EnriqueRocha. “, He wrote in his twitter account.

The acting world is in mourning

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For her part, actress Cecilia Galliano was very brief, but forceful in her message. “#Enriquerocha Gran Antor”, wrote in social networks along with an image of the renowned actor who enjoyed a deep and intense voice that allowed him to give depth to his characters.

Also the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico City He spoke through his official Twitter account commenting that “he regrets the death of the Mexican actor #EnriqueRocha. Outstanding actor in film, theater, television and dubbing. Rest in peace. #CreadoresDeCultura ”.

Outstanding villain

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The controversial actress Yolanda Andrade also had some moving words for the actor. “My Baby. Thank you always. Friends. Teacher, Exceptional. It’s about time… for a whiskoool. Good thing we saw before saying A-Dios. I love you Rochooon. Tu Bebota ”, he wrote on Instagram along with a photo in which the singer Christian Castro also appears.

Enrique Rocha was known in the acting world and among his close friends as Rochón. The Mexican, born in Guanajuato, worked as a businessman in addition to playing 14 antagonistic roles, for which he was chosen for his deep voice and physical appearance.

His acting legacy

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“El Privilegio de Amar” was one of the soap operas where the actor left his mark on the Mexican entertainment world. Enrique Rocha always stood out for his roles as a villain in the different soap operas in which he participated throughout his long career in front of the cameras.

He acted in villain roles in 14 projects, according to El Universal. “I Declare Guilty” was one of his last projects in 2018. Throughout his career he obtained various awards for his performances in the various Mexican telenovelas on Televisa.

Rocha: the award-winning actor

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He won the TV y Novelas Award for best villain twice, according to the aforementioned medium. The ‘deep voice’ of the Mexican actor led him to be recognized nationally. He even lent his voice to bring Bagheera to life in “The Jungle Book,” according to the reported report.

He was born in the Mexican state of Guanajuato on January 5, 1940. “Tremendous loss for the entertainment world, a legend my dear and admired Enrique Rocha, God bless the good“ Rochón ”. We are going to miss it. RIP, ”wrote the Televisa Reynaldo López on Twitter, according to Infobae.

About Enrique Rocha

They release details of the death of Mexican actor Enrique RochaPhoto: Mezcalent

Enrique Rocha was a Mexican actor known by playing ‘the bad guy’ in more than 14 soap operas. Apparently, the role suited him wonderfully, offering him fame and recognition in the acting world through the villains he personified.

He acted as an antagonist in “Érase una vez” (“Once upon a time”), “Muchacha italiana viene a casarse” (“Italian girl comes to get married”), “Amores verdaderos” (“True loves”), “Corazón salvaje” (“Wild Heart”), “Dos mujeres, un camino” (“Two women, one way”), “Yo compro esa mujer” (“I buy that woman”), “Pasión y poder” (“Passion and power”), “Satanico Pandemonium: La Sexorcista” (“Satanic Pandemonium: The Sexorcist”), and even in the youth series “Rebelde”.