They release subjects who were traveling with Octavio Ocaña at the time of his death

At the time of the unfortunate death of Octavio Ocaña, or also known as “Benito Rivers” in the series “Neighbors”, others two subjects who were supposedly indicated were his friends, They traveled with him in the truck he was driving and that he ended up crashing when he was shot in the head.

They, along with the police officers involved during the chase, they were detained to give their statements as part of the investigations to clarify the different versions that have emerged about the death of the actor.

And it is that, while for some, those guilty of causing the death of Octavio were the judicial ones who pointed out to plant the weapon in his hands once without life, the first investigations showed that the detonation came from inside the vehicle.

Now, after serving 48 hours in detention established by law in Mexico, it was reported that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, released them because there is no crime to pursue.

Likewise, the latest expert reports of the case were released, in which it was concluded that the 22-year-old histrion shot himself accidentally, since according to the investigations the weapon he was carrying was triggered at the time of the shooting. shock.

He took a gun out of the glove compartment of the truckHe held the gun in his right hand and with his left he drove to flee from the police ”, says the FJG statement.

When the driver of the Jeep-type truck, who they later found out was Octavio, lost control of his vehicle, the policemen declared that they approached, they disarmed him and they asked for the support of paramedics.

Thus, in videos that circulated on social networks, Ocaña is shown without the weapon, but once declared lifeless, the uniformed men left the scene as they found it so that the forensics could begin their investigations.

On the other hand, Octavio Perez, father of Octavio Ocaña, came out in defense of his son and in statements to the press He assured that both the pistol and the alcohol that supposedly was inside the car were planted by the same police.

“Do not ask me about weapons because that does not exist, those are things that they invented, of course it was something planted, it had someone to take care of it and they are the ones who bring weapons. I am broken”

Octavio Perez

“And this goes for all parents who have lost a child like me. Our children are exposed by this policy that we have and by that police, who are corrupt, because that is what happened with my son, ”concluded Octavio Pérez.

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