They remember Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo’s mother, she died in a terrorist attack

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo He is one of the most beloved Mexican artists and comedians in the country, the protagonist of successful programs such as Cero en conducta and Una familia de 10, a success that he was able to achieve thanks to his mother, the famous Lupita Pallás, who sadly passed away in an unfortunate way.

The famous comedian recalled just over two weeks ago the death of his mother on his 36th anniversary, regretting his departure because of terrorists, because he lost his life during an attack in Europe, being a great regret for the actor, since he paid for the trip of his mother and sister.

Below in AmericanPost.News We will tell you about the unfortunate death of Lupita Pallás and how her death affected the actor Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo after more than 30 years of the unfortunate event.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo’s mother died in a terrorist attack

In 1985, the famous actor decided to compensate his mother and her sister with a trip to Europe to ask for a nice vacation, which was frustrated when a terrorist group Abu Nidal’s hijacked the plane where they were traveling near Egypt, and the chaos began during the rescue.

Due to something that went wrong, the hijacking of the plane culminated in the death of 60 of the 92 passengers of said plane, where unfortunately among the victims were Lupita Pallás and Jorge’s sister, whose name was Laila, a news that destroyed the whole family, since he even had to travel to Greece to recognize the corpses, this being the 24th of November that marked the 36th anniversary of the unfortunate tragedy.

The life of Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo after the death of his mother

The actor suffered greatly from the loss of his mother and sister

Although the actor was able to recover from the tragedy, every time he goes through a bad streak he remembers that accident, one of the possible moments that broke him almost to the same level his retirement in A family of ten, one of the most popular comedy shows in Mexico.

On the other hand, fans of the famous artist have shown their support every year after the death anniversary of his mother and sister, who were two of the thousands of victims of terrorism in the world and had very unjust deaths that clearly did not deserve.

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