They remember José José two years after his death

They remember José José two years after his death

Snippets of songs, thoughts and even jokes and memes flooded the internet on the second death anniversary of the Prince of Song, Jose jose.

Today I want to savor my pain, I do not ask for compassion or mercy, the story of this love was written for eternity“, Wrote the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature to remember the singer with a part of the song” El Triste “, one of the most emblematic of his career.

The institution also highlighted the importance of his career and his contribution to Mexican musical culture.

Likewise, his daughter Marysol remembered her father with emotional words and a photograph in which a young and loving José José is observed taking care of her as a baby.

Thanks for existing dad. Two years now, I love you and I miss you. Your sunMarysol wrote.

But those who flooded social networks with messages of affection were his fans, always present at all the commemorations of the singer, who enhanced his work as a performer.

“José José, thank you for showing us, generation after generation, that magic exists. You taught me that you can change the world one song at a time. You will always live in my heart, in that of our Mexico and in that of all the places where your music sounded, ”wrote Twitter user Gael Haziel.

But as usual, there were also humorous comments to remember the balladeer, since the sadness and romanticism that characterized his songs have made many cry and have led them to excess alcohol.

Friend: Are you going to listen to José José all day? You’re going to want to get drunk at the first song! Me: I am like this, this is how I was born and that is how I will die ”, said another user on social media.

José Rómulo Sosa, known as José José, is recognized as one of the greatest romantic interpreters in Mexico and Latin America. He died in 2019 at the age of 71 in Florida, affected by pancreatic cancer.