They report a fight in the Apodaca prison; there is at least one dead

Different transcended points out possible unrest for a fight registered inside the penal No. 1 of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon.

The first reports suggest that the fight started due to a dispute between inmates of different organized crime groups fighting for control of the prison. At least one dead and three wounded by sharp weapons are reported.

In images and videos disseminated through social networks, columns of smoke are observed emerging from the facilities of the penitentiary center, located very close to a Sedena military barracks.

Brawl in the Apodaca prison

According to Raymundo Elizalde from Foro TVShortly after 2:30 in the afternoon on January 7, an alert was issued for disturbances that led to the mobilization of dozens of relief forces.

The inmates would have gone from verbal aggression to beatings, but the prison authorities were overwhelmed by the dozens of people involved, for which the intervention of the State Police was necessary.

At the moment the cause of the fight has not been confirmed and no authority has ruled on the matter. The reports suggest that the situation has already been controlled.

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