They report that Rebecca de Alba evolves favorably after catching Covid-19

The host of “MasterChef Celebrity México”, Rebecca de Alba, is recovering from Covid-19 and the doctors who treat her believe that on Wednesday they would discharge her.

A source close to the Zacatecan driver revealed that, fortunately, his health did not deteriorate and, Conversely, every day evolves satisfactorily.

De Alba, 56, was infected in the outbreak that was recently in the recordings of the TV Azteca reality show, which opens this August 20.

Although the recordings were stopped and more tests were applied to the rest of the participants, the actress Paty Christmas (that in networks has denied the existence of the disease) came out positiveas well as the chef Jose Ramon Castillo.

Both, according to spokespersons for the television station, have not presented major complications from the disease.

Even though it is not scheduled when the recordings will resume, the production headed by Ángel Aponte maintains its release date, confident that with the chapters they already have as backup they will be enough to give the infected time to return to the set.

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