They report the death of Arcángel’s brother, he died in a traffic accident

Local media have reported that this Sunday, November 21, the death of Archangel’s brother, Justin Santos lost his life in a traffic accident on a bridge in San Juan; the reggaeton player has not spoken out in the face of the tragedy.

According to the reports, Justin Santos passed away at age 21, was driving a Can-Am when a woman was traveling across the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan to Carolina, the woman was allegedly drunk.

Previously in The Truth News We inform you that in 2020, the 35-year-old reggaeton player Austin Agustín Santos broke the silence about his state of health, a situation that worried his fans, as he has struggled with a sick heart.

Archangel’s brother passed away at 21 years of age

Reggaeton’s brother died at 21 years of age The singer has heart problems

Because the driver of the vehicle was traveling in an inconvenient condition, the vehicles were impacted, so that Santos died from the blows he received, while a young man who was a passenger was expelled from the vehicle and was injured.

The accident occurred at 2:35 a.m. and was recorded by security cameras. On the other hand, the driver suffered injuries after the impact and was taken to a hospital, but they report that blood samples will be taken to confirm or rule out that she was driving drunk.

On the other hand, the reggaeton has not mentioned something about it after the unfortunate death of his brother, but in recent posts that he shared on his Instagram stories, he has shared emotional messages and expressed: “My soul and this sick heart have just died today too”.

What happened to Archangel and his health?

The singer has heart problems

The reggaeton Archangel He announced in 2020 that he has heart problems, but assured that he is not afraid of death, but does not want to leave yet since he dreams of seeing his daughter celebrating her 15 years, her time at university and taking her to the altar.

The singer expressed his gratitude and the blessings that his fans have sent him, but after the death of Arcángel‘s brother was made known, the singer is devastated at the loss of one of his loved ones.

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