They reveal photos of Gaby Spanic after undergoing plastic surgery

The Venezuelan actress had revealed that she did not feel comfortable with her physical appearance, which is why she turned to a surgeon for surgery, so they shared through social networks photos by Gaby Spanic after the operation.

The famous one commented at the time that she had lost a lot of weight due to her participation in the dance reality show, so she decided to use the scalpel to get some arrangements at her 48 years of age; last Thursday, December 16, he underwent several surgeries.

Previously in AmericanPost.News We have shared that the famous soap opera likes to share photos of her youth, even on one occasion she revealed to her followers how she looked at 17 years old in a bikini. That photo received flattering comments.

Photos of Gaby Spanic after surgery caused a stir

The Venezuelan actress underwent several surgical interventions The famous took to Instagram to reveal that she is in recovery The actress was the protagonist of “La Usurpadora”

The unforgettable “Usurper” confessed to her admirers that she got up as if nothing had happened, although with a little pain, she commented that she was very little inflamed but the results will be able to be seen soon, as she revealed to her followers. For his part, the surgeon was proud of the surgery.

The famous took to Instagram to reveal that she is in recovery The actress was the protagonist of “La Usurpadora”

In the same way, the surgeon mentioned to the users that he will share how it was and how they did it but later, since at the moment the famous one is in recovery, but he assured that everything went perfect and that the actress is very well. For his part, Spanic has shared some publications in his stories on Instagram.

How many novels has Gaby Spanic starred in?

The actress was the protagonist of “La Usurpadora”

The actress has made several soap operas for Televisa as well as for Telemundo, the first soap opera she starred in on the small screen was “La Usurpadora”, a melodrama that was launched in 1998. In 1999 it was part of “Por tu amor”, later in in 2001 he starred in “La intrusa”.

While in 2002 the actress Gaby Spanic participated in “Revenge”, in 2004 she was part of the cast of “Prisionera”. In 2006 he starred in “Land of Passions”, in 2011 “Empress”, as well as “The other face of the soul”. It is worth mentioning that at the moment he has not revealed his new projects.

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