They reveal that Carlos Marín from Il Divo was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Mexico

Carlos Marín from Il Divo died from complications derived from COVID-19 in a Manchester hospital, but they have revealed that he was vaccinated in Mexico. According to former publicist Miram Sommerz, the late singer received his Mexican residence in March 2021.

Although they did not disclose what kind of vaccine he received, unfortunately, the artist died on December 19 after being admitted for coronavirus. They have also mentioned that the singer would have moved to Mexico to start a solo career.

On AmericanPost.News have shared that the singer of Il Divo died at 53 years of age. The sad news about his departure was broguth through the official Twitter account of the musical group. The band stated that there will never be another voice or spirit like Carlos.

The death of Carlos Marín from Il Divo shook the fans

Il Divo singer died at age 53 Carlos Marín had a successful career

Marín’s former publicist revealed that he was immunized with two doses. On the other hand, they mention that due to the contagion he maintained a saturation of 80%. The doctors advised him that he should be intubated, but he refused the procedure, although he had revealed that he had symptoms of fever, pneumonia and loss of smell.

Before his departure, they reported that he was induced to a coma and that his health condition was serious, although at the time they did not reveal the causes of his hospitalization. After confirming the death of the singer, they revealed that it was due to complications derived from the COVID-19 infection.

The artistic career of the deceased singer was not limited only to the music industry. He also participated in soap operas such as “Sortilegio”, “Las amazonas” and “Mi corazón es tuyo” as a soloist singing “Ave Maria”.

What did Carlos Marín sing?

Carlos Marín had a successful career

Marín was a baritone and music producer and since he started the project with his bandmates, he achieved popularity for his successful songs such as “Hasta mi final”, a song that was released in 2005. The group was positioned in the first place of the US Billboard Top 200 chart.

In 2004 they released the song “Regresa a mi”, while in 2008 they released “The Power Of Love”, “Amazing Grace” and “Hallelujah”. Following the passing of Carlos Marín from Il Divo, fans have expressed emotional messages to remember his legacy.