They reveal that in 2016 Octavio Ocaña was involved in an express kidnapping

Octavio Ocaña.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

The death of Octavio Ocana It shook the entertainment world in Mexico, but it also caused a commotion among its fans due to the series of contradictions on the part of the authorities, who concluded that the actor fired his own weapon during a chase, which caused him to lose his life.

However, not only have there been messages of solidarity with the family and pleasant memories of the actor, since recently the version about an alleged express kidnapping in which the young man would have participated.

According to a series of messages posted on Twitter in 2016 by a woman named Monica Claudia Herna, Octavio Ocana and two other men who accompanied him, allegedly held his son together, whom they threatened for several hours.

Octavio Ocaña deprived my son of his freedom for a few hours, he brought him in his car, they gunned him down and they beat him, he is a criminal, gentlemen. do they have children? it could be one of you“, Reads part of the message that was written in 2019 in response to a tweet published by the official account of the Neighbors program, when the actor was promoting his return to the Televisa series.

But this message was not the only one that came to light, as some users of the same social network took up another thread published in 2016, when Ocaña would have been 17 years old.

“I loved this program from its first chapter like all the extraordinary actors, I forgot everything, each of the characters gave their best, a great production did not tire of seeing it,” read other texts.

Later the same woman detailed what happened to her son, who she claims was Ocaña’s partner on a soccer team.

“Until the charismatic and adorable boy by life circumstances was in the same soccer team as my son, when I found out I wanted to see it, but one day That boy with lies took my son out of my house to kidnap him in his car, brought him for approximately three and a half hours, along with two other criminals, they beat him, robbed him and pointed a gun. Since that act my life is not the same because their threats stole my peace of mind ”, he adds.

Although there is no evidence of these accusations and there are no recent messages, the woman assures that at the time she made her complaint to the authorities, which was in process.

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