They reveal that Neymar will broadcast on Facebook Gaming after signing with Meta

Through a statement they announced that Neymar, the PSG star, will broadcast on Facebook Gaming after signing with Goal, company of Mark Zuckerberg. The player will join the broadcasts of the video game streaming platform.

It is worth mentioning that the debut of the 29-year-old Brazilian soccer player will debut on Facebook Gaming next Friday, December 17 at 1:00 p.m. (Central Mexico). The goal of Meta is for the player to have a direct connection with more than 245 million fans.

In AmericanPost.News We share that in April 2020, Facebook launched Gaming to compete with Twitch. The application is available on the Play Store, where users with Android devices can download the application.

Neymar to stream Facebook Gaming on December 17

The Brazilian will broadcast Facebook Gaming on December 17 PSG star player

Through social networks, the Brazilian player commented that he is happy to join the video game streaming platform and expressed: “The world of video games has always been one of my greatest passions, after football and I am eager to have fun with everyone” .

On the other hand, users have wondered what the participation of the PSG star will consist of and will host various streams, once a month he will be able to challenge a personality. It is worth mentioning that they are more famous who have broadcast their matches live.

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We remember that the footballer was interviewed by Red Bull and confessed that his favorite video game is not FIFA, but Pro Evolution Soccer, a franchise that changed its name to eFootball, in the same way he confessed that he plays Need for Speed, Call of Duty and King Of Fighters .

When will Neymar play at PSG again?

PSG star player

The player is recovering from an ankle injury, so they have not yet commented on an official statement about his return to the courts, as the injury could have him away from the games for 6 weeks and he will not be able to reappear until January 2022 .

For his part, the footballer Neymar turned to his official Instagram account to comment on what happened and mentioned that unfortunately they are setbacks in the life of an athlete and now he has to raise his head and move on, he assured that he will come back stronger.

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