They reveal that Ninel Conde could be sued for fraud: “She ran away like a thief”

Businesswoman who hired Ninel Count to appear in California, United States, He assures that he could sue the singer for fraud.

According to the program ‘First Hand’, “El Bombón Asesino” could face new legal problems because he allegedly did not comply with the contract he signed with the businesswoman Guadalupe Madera, who would have paid him to appear in California, United States.

“The lady is not professional and ran away like a thief. She is fraudulent for having sold two dates on the same day, because she herself knew perfectly well that she was not going to fill me up, so she, in complicity with my competition, made me a fraud, ”she affirms.

The businesswoman details that Ninel Conde signed a contract to sing on June 24 in San José and on the 26th of this month in San Francisco, also in California, United States, dates that she announced through her official social networks.

Likewise, it reveals that for each of the events, the actress also received $9,000 dollars, despite the fact that the first date was an hour late and on the second, held last weekend, she left after singing two songs, arguing that he had not been paid the agreed amount.

We gave her the remaining $4,000, she went upstairs, sang two songs, said we hadn’t paid her, and ran off.“, he explained.

In addition, he assured that the singer cheated because he already knew that he would not sell enough tickets because hours before the show he would perform for free at the San Francisco Gay Pride march. However, she Ninel Conde sent her an audio in which she is heard saying that the organizers of said event would advertise her night’s presentation, which is why she accepted.

Despite this, Guadalupe Madera attacked Ninel Conde, assuring that the alleged attack she experienced after her presentation at the San Francisco Pride was invented to attract attention, since what she pointed out in a published video never actually happened. in Instagram stories.

“There were rumors that they were fighting and there was a stampede that is not known why, but there was no attack, there were no bullets, there was nothing of what they are saying. It’s a lie,” he adds.

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