They reveal that Yrma Lydya was a victim of family violence

The murder of Yrma Lydya continues to be talked about on social networks and now it has been revealed that the now-deceased singer was victim of family violence by her husband, the lawyer Jesus “N”. It was even revealed that she had already filed a complaint against her but ended up pardoning her under the promise that things would change.

According to the statements of the driver Addis Tuñón in a recent broadcast of De Primera Mano, she witnessed the ill-treatment received by the singer and her family: “I am going to allow myself to say something that I saw, they are not talking to me, I saw how he mistreated his young wife… We all had to shut up, it is something that I witnessed and I cannot say more.”

The now-deceased singer forgave her partner’s aggression more than once. The lawyer has been arrested and handed over to the corresponding authorities, who will be in charge of ruling on her legal situation.

Addis Tuñón’s confession comes after it was revealed that The deceased today denounced her husband in December 2021 for assaulting and beating her with a weapon. However, she granted him a pardon and the authorities closed the case. Unfortunately, the situation did not end and she continued to be the victim of physical, verbal and sexual violence.

Likewise, the investigation carried out by the press indicates that these reasons she was forced to make the decision to divorce after only four months of marriage But some time later they decided to resume their relationship. This situation contrasts with the affectionate image that Jesús “N” showed to Carmen Salinas in 2021, who did not hesitate to flatter him.

He did not support Yrma Lydya’s career

On the other hand, the program of the network Imagen Televisión interviewed Hugo Mejuto, known for being the creator and producer of Grandiosas, a show in which she participated. However, the detail that outraged more than one is that he revealed that Jesús “N” did not support the artistic career of his now deceased wifewho was even forced to cancel contracts.

“I told him: ‘Come and sing, you are wonderful to me, if I can help you, you don’t need a husband, godfather, count on me, there is no need,” Hugo Mejuto declared through tears.

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What happened to Yrma Lydya?

The lawyer has been arrested and handed over to the corresponding authorities, who will be in charge of ruling on his legal situation.

Yrma Lydya was murdered by her husband, the lawyer Jesús “N”. According to the first official reports, the singer arrived at a CDMX restaurant where her husband was to complain about alleged infidelity. In the heat of discussion he pulled out his gun and fired 3 times at her then try to run away.

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