They reveal the identity of Christian Nodal’s new girlfriend, she looks like Belinda

On AmericanPost.News we released the first appearance of Christian Nodal with a totally mysterious blonde woman, because despite the fact that they were questioned when leaving a luxurious restaurant in Miami together, neither of them revealed the name of the young woman, but now it is known that her name is Mariana Ríos and she looks a lot like Belinda.

Recall that the Mexican regional music singer confirmed his break with the Spanish on February 12 through an Instagram story, a situation that sparked controversy as the family of the singer and actress was furious for having revealed the news at a difficult time for the interpreter of ‘Toad’.

For many, this new romance of the singer would be Christian’s strategy to pretend that he is already over Beli, since his eyes betray sadness.

Mariana Ríos, new girlfriend of Christian Nodal

The young woman put her social networks in private Their relationship lasted just over two years

Despite the fact that in their first appearance together, he denied that it was a new love, everything seems to indicate that his prospective girlfriend was. Previously it was also said that Nodal was paying for the affection of the young woman, who is called Mariana Ríos and has an Only Fans account, since they met in Cancun and that he paid for her company.

Suspicions that there is something between the two increased when she made her Instagram account private when she realized that the media managed to identify her.

Likewise, it was speculated that she was to blame for the cancellation of Nodal’s concert in Medellín, although later he himself clarified that it was due to other problems that he could not appear there.

What happened between Belinda and Nodal?

Their relationship lasted just over two years.

The couple announced their love breakup through social networks, but it was the interpreter of “Adiós amor” who was in charge of making the news known; later the Spanish ruled on the matter but did not give further details.

At the moment it is not clear what happened, but it was said that there were infidelities and lack of trust, so they put an end to their commitment.

Christian Nodal’s life before Belinda was simpler, as there are those who claim that he had never fallen in love so much until he met her.

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