They reveal what Queen Letizia carried in her party bag during her recent visit to Sweden

Queen Letizia of Spain – Photo: Michael Campanella / Getty Images

What can a member of royalty carry in his bag if he does not need money or keys to attend official functions? According to rumors, Queen Elizabeth II always keeps a pen, photos of her loved ones, a small compact – a gift from her late husband – and cookies for her beloved corgis. In addition, this accessory is also a very useful tool to send coded messages to your staff, changing their arms when you need help to shorten an uncomfortable conversation.

In the case of Queen Letizia of Spain, the contents of her bag have come to light on her recent visit to Sweden accompanying her husband Philip VI. The most striking anecdote of the entire trip occurred during a reception at the Spanish embassy in Stockholm, when the sovereign’s handbag fell to the ground and was opened due to the blow, exposing a cell phone and lipstick that rolled out.

The country’s press was quick to point out that the Swedish monarch, Queen Silvia, was livid when she saw that Letizia herself quickly bent down to pick up those objects instead of letting her assistants do it for her, which has been seen as a full-blown protocol failure.