They revealed the letter that Mauro Icardi wrote to Wanda Nara that allowed him to forgive his wife

Icardi’s marriage to Wanda took place in 2014.

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Those were intense days of a marriage that began in 2014 and as a result of that love, Francesca and Isabella were born. Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara will continue together, moving forward with their love story without first not clarifying what happened.

The PSG footballer had contact and wrote to María Eugenia Suárez “La China” and his wife discovered him. Part of what that chat said, according to the Argentine press, was: “You are the woman of my dreams, my idol, I have seen you since I was little,” Mauro wrote.

“Someday we have to get out of the fuck you and me. In some part of the world where they don’t know you, hahaha ”,“ La China ”replied.

Overcome that issue, in which they were very close to signing the divorce, Wanda wrote an open statement on her Instagram account to explain how she felt and her final decision.

“When he realized that there was no going back, he told me that we could not continue like this, that if separating was the only way to end so much pain, let us do it. We went to the lawyer. In two days Mauro accepted all the conditions and we signed the Agreement. The next day he wrote me a letter like no one had ever written me, ”wrote the model and businesswoman.

Full letter from Icardi to Wanda

More and more I showed you the things that I tell you. I never lied to you or made anything up to you, I had a fucking mistake. There you have signed our eight-year dreams, what we wanted to fulfill and we achieved everything we set out to do. I hope you enjoy it, I will be calm because I know that in the rest of my life I will not you will have nothing to reproach.

You are making a mistake and a lot, you don’t realize it. The only thing you want is to get a divorce, I told you that whatever you ask, ask for it, even though inside, in my soul, it is the worst thing that can happen to me. Hope you enjoy it too, I’m not a shitty person. I am a good person and I gave myself completely to you from the day we started. You know it and everyone knows it.

I am a great father, I give my life for my daughters and that makes me feel proud. I am a great stepfather. From minute zero I give my life for the children and for making them happy. I am a person who is not interested in the material, I always gave everything to you. Being a millionaire I dress at H&M and buy clothes from Amazon, to give you an idea and you know it very well. As a result of all this I cannot continue to endure your mistreatment, your neglecting me, your assassination. I am not shit and I do not deserve it, I hope that with everything material you will be happy.

Now you want to fuck, write to you with guys, I hope they are 1% of what I was. You ruined everything for a shitty chat that meant nothing to me, a chat for which you are blind and cannot see beyond the phone where you see bullshit and send data to the press. I never would have expected it, but I am real and I know that people change. I keep my values, it is clear to me. Thank you for all that we were, for the daughters you gave me, for making me happy and fighting for everything you did. Thank you for giving me the support that I always needed, thank you for being when I needed it most and sorry for being the shit that I was and losing everything because of a mistake. I hope you are happy, you deserve to be happy, if it is not by my side I hope you find where to be.

This letter was read by Yanina Latorren in The Morning Angels.

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