They revive rumor that Denisse Guerrero, from Belanova, is the daughter of India María

Belanova’s vocalist, Denise Guerrerois a trend in social networks after a Tik Tok video revived the rumor that she is the daughter of María Elena Velasco, better known as The Indian Mariawho allegedly abandoned her when the singer was very young.

Although it was believed that the musical group would be among the participants of the ‘2000 Pop Tour’, it was confirmed that they will not be part of the cast and although the rumors are unknown, it was again confirmed that the singer is related to the deceased Mexican actress .

This time it was said in the TikTok video that the song ‘Me Pregunto’, by Belanova, is dedicated to her mother, since the interpreter would have written it for her, being a “discreet” way of contracting the suffering that she carries inside.

Denisse Guerrero dedicated a song to La india Maria

The singer would have written a song for the mother who abandoned her The musical group plans its return but there is no set date

In the publication it is said that on some occasion, Denisse revealed that she is the daughter of La India María, but that the actress never recognized her, although it should be clarified that the publication does not show any proof of these words.

During an interview with Javier Posa, Belanova’s keyboardist, Edgar Huerta, pointed out that he has known the singer and her family for many years, so it is impossible that he is related to the Mexican actress for some time.

“I have seen the amount of information that Denisse once denied.”

For now, the reasons why the rumor was revived that the singer is the daughter of María Elena are unknown, and given the repetition of data, she has chosen not to give any statement.

What happened to Belanova 2021?

The musical group plans their return but there is no set date

The members of the band pointed out that the project is on hiatus and although the intention to return to music soon was not revealed, it is said that they are preparing a new album, since they have been seen in some recording studios.

Not even for the birthday of Denisse Guerrero, vocalist of Belanova, did the rumors about the return of the musical group stop, information revealed in AmericanPost.News.

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