“They sat giving me their dirty looks”, the video that would verify the fight of Madonna and Lucía Méndez

In the artistic environment there is a well-known phrase that has been used for many memes: “I’m going to call my lawyer”, which was said by the Mexican actress Lucía Méndez, supposedly during his fight with American singer Madonna; said discussion would have taken place during a concert by the “Queen of Pop” in Miami, Florida.

The protagonist of soap operas like “Colorina”, has spoken in several interviews about her verbal confrontation with the interpreter of subjects like “Like a virgin” or “Vogue”. Some people believe her and others have made fun of the Mexican, pointing out that they are “pure stories.” Now, in social networks a video that would verify the fight between Madonna and Lucía Méndez.

It is an excerpt from the documentary “In bed with Madonna“, directed by Lebanese filmmaker Aleks Kesishian, which was filmed in 1990 during the “Blonde Ambition Tour”.

According to the 66-year-old singer and businesswoman, originally from León, Guanajuato, Madonna was upset why she remained seated throughout her concert and no matter how much he asked her to get up, the Mexican would not agree.

In the aforementioned video, Madonna Louise Ciccone complains to a member of her team, having been told that there would be no person from the middle of the show in the front rows, “and it was full of them.”

They sat there giving me their dirty looks and with their arms crossed, they made me bitter, they sat there with their arms crossed, it was distracting and it was so depressing for me.

Likewise, the interpreter originally from Bay City, Michigan, United States (she is currently 63 years old), commented that there were two lines of people “acting as if they were not having fun, there were three rows of hanging … and then an empty space “.

How did the fight between Lucía Méndez and Madonna happen?

According to the testimony of Lucia Mendez, attended with her then husband Arturo Jordán a concert by the “Queen of Pop” in Miami, Florida. The Mexican diva did not feel like going, in addition to a knee injury after spinning. However, he agreed to go to please his spouse, who was a fan of the singer.

All the public was standing enjoying the show, except for the actress, assuring that her knee pain did not allow it. “When she came out and saw me sitting she said to me: ‘stand up’ and I said: ‘what? ‘This crazy old woman, I’m not going to stop,’ “he said in an interview for the” Hoy “program.

Lucía Méndez was allegedly upset when some people from the security team of Madonna They went to where she was sitting (in the third row), telling her that the interpreter was asking her to stand up.

I told him: ‘I’m going to call my lawyer, I’m going to call my lawyer, I bought my tickets and I don’t want to stop.’

The Mexican filled Madonna’s patience to such a degree that he even said to him: “Fuck you!” from the stage. Given this, Lucia the insult returned from his seat.

“In one of the times he turned around I made him ‘fuck you’ and then he did turn around, he no longer turned to see me, the people on his team looking at me with hatred, an impressive jarocho hatred and I did not stop at all the concert”.

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Although many users of social networks assure that the viralized video would be proof of this fight between the divas, the dates do not coincide. The documentary where the fragment described above appears, was recorded in 1990 and according to the story of Lucía Méndez, she went to Madonna’s concert in the company of her husband Arturo Jordán, with whom she was married between 2004 and 2007.