They say that Ben Affleck loses a tooth on his honeymoon and Jennifer Lopez, like it’s worth it

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They are enjoying their honeymoon and since they landed in Paris, the paparazzi have not let them down. But everything has been said, from that Ben is sad and tired, until the actor has lost a tooth.

The video about the alleged tooth loss has gone viral and here we share the TikTok.

The cruelest prediction for “Bennifer”

The Child Prodigy confessed to Mezcaliente and this is what he said about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: I always recommended that she not get married, that she just do it like that as a mime, and more or less like she did it like that because ok, it was something quick, in Las Vegas, let’s see

Here the rest of the questions with Child Prodigy:

But. why?
There are people in life who were not born to marry. They are born to be with a partner, to be united, but the part of the ritual or the ring or the marriage does not bode well for that person.

“There are people who are born with the light of getting a lot of money and they get rich, but they have no luck in love. In her case, to me, if she had come where I told her ‘don’t get married’; but don’t worry, I’m going to read those letters on my podcast soon, so you can’t miss it”.

A lifetime reading letters for others, but what does he see for himself in love?

“In love I already opened up because before it was a lot of work and I said ‘alright, this year I’m going to let love in, let it come’; so I’m already in the showcase”.

“Look, I am looking for a person like me, who understands me, who likes to travelwho likes to have a good time, honesty and I like the intelligent person, because I like to ask a lot, So I want that person who is like a dictionary, that I say, what is this? and tell me this means, this and this”.

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