They say that Natti Natasha was the “queen of the night” at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Natti Natasha attended the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022 at the Watsco Center in Miami in a tight black latex dress with a slit over her breasts. She caused a sensation on the red carpet of this ceremony that rewards Latin performers.

The singer known for hits like ‘Sin Pijama’ and ‘Criminal’ posted on her Instagram account a photo in which she appears on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, showing off the whole outfit that she complemented with gloves, her hair semi-bunned in a bun, black heels and toenails painted in the same color.

This photo of Natti Natasha has more than 295,000 likes and several hundred comments on Instagram. “The queen of the night” was one of the messages left to the Dominican reggaeton singer in this publication.

Before the photo on the red carpet, the artist published a photo gallery where she is seen from a car on her way to where the award ceremony took place. In those photos, the accessories she wore on her ears and lips, as well as her makeup and nails, painted in a light pink tone, were appreciated. In this publication, the singer did not write any words, she only accompanied it with a black heart.

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A few weeks ago, Natti Natasha and her daughter, Vida Isabelle, visited Raphy Pina, her partner and the little girl’s father. He is in jail, serving a 41-month sentence for illegally possessing weapons.

“I want you all to know, and first of all, I want you to know with me and celebrate it that yesterday for the first time Vidita, and I finally got to see the cutest daddy on planet earth: we got to see Raphy and guess who started to walk alone? Yes, Miss Vida Isabelle Pina Gutierrez started walking by herself, without holding on to anything, smiling, playing, in front of her daddy and guess who was telling her tell me tell me tell me tell me vidita tell me”, said Natti Natasha.