They seize 5 vehicles that were in the motel where the body of Debanhi Escobar was found in Nuevo León, Mexico

A march to ask for justice after the death of Debanhi Escobar, in Nuevo León, Mexico.

Photo: JULIO CESAR AGUILAR / AFP / Getty Images

The Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León, in Mexico, interviews the people who were in the vehicles that were in the motel where the body of Debanhi Escobar was found.

The investigations seek to determine what happened in the last hours of the young woman’s life 18 years old before she disappeared on April 9.

Griselda Núñez, a prosecutor specializing in femicides, told the press yesterday that the people being interviewed were at the scene where the young woman was last captured.

“They have been insured, they have been under review, and the five people who were driving these vehicles within this period have also been interviewed,” said Núñez.

To Debahni he lost track after he went to a party in a country house in Escobedo with two friends. The young women allege that Debanhi lost control due to alcohol consumption and that she asked to go alone in the taxi that they requested.

Thirteen days later, his remains were found inside a cistern at Motel Nueva Castilla to where he would have walked after suddenly getting out of the taxi he was in, also due to differences with the driver.

In one of the videos presented by the Prosecutor’s Office from a motel restaurant camera, a vehicle stopped on the side of the road, at about 5:47 am on April 9. Next, an unidentified person, but who could be Debanhi, gets into the car. The scene was captured about 40 minutes after the last image in which he is seen alive and was taken by the taxi driver, after the girl left the car.

On these images, the prosecutor indicated: “We have interviewed who was and who responds as the owner of the vehicle and who was driving.”

The prosecution will also interview the 70 attendees of the party in which the young woman was with her friends.

On the other hand, Debanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, handed over to the authorities this Monday the results of the second autopsy performed on his daughter. According to the parent, the test detected very specific differences in relation to the first.

Escobar highlighted that the evaluation showed that her daughter was not wearing tennis shoes. “The sneakers were not on or snug on his feet,” she reported. “That is a punctual difference that could bring down the version of the person who initially did the necropsy,” she added.

“If she had fallen, she would have fallen with the sneakers. To take off the ‘Converse’ that she used, she would have had to sit down to untie the shoelaces, ”she argued.

The Mexican did not want to elaborate on the results of the second autopsy until the authorities analyze them first.

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