They show the real reason why Belinda and Christian Nodal separated

Although two months have passed since the breaking of Belinda and Christian Nodalthe subject continues to cause controversy on social networks and this time it was the singer who gave something to talk about, after an alleged member of his team revealed some details about the separation of the artists.

He was an employee of the singer who also showed that the lifestyle of the interpreter of ‘We are not and will not be’ anymore “exceeded the limits”, as he stated that the situation is affecting not only his personal life, but also his career.

The person who spoke to the media revealed that Nodal is falling into excesses, as he said that it is not the first time that he has been late for a concert or plane does not arriveas has happened lately.

“The truth, everyone can do what they want, but fame has made him dizzy very ugly and he cannot be unfulfilled and failing his fans. It’s time for me to put a stop to all this,” said the employee.

Why did Belinda and Nodal end up?

The artists announced their separation last February. The ring that the singer gave the actress has an estimated cost of more than 3 million dollars

The man who said he was the singer’s worker also announced that he had been unfaithful to belinda with escortsdespite being “very” in love with her, a situation for which it is believed that their relationship would have ended.

“Although it seemed that they were together all the time, it was not like that and when he was not with her, he took the opportunity to have fun. There were times when she would disappear and not even answer Belinda’s phone, “she said.

It should be noted that so far neither the singer nor “The Princess of Latin Pop” have made statements about their breakup, which they made public on February 13, so the true reasons for their separation remain a mystery.

What happened between Christian Nodal and Belinda?

The ring that the singer gave the actress has an estimated cost of more than 3 million dollars

It was through Instagram where the singer Christian Nodal confirmed his break with Belindaa decision that he said had been a joint one, for which the expected wedding could not take place, a situation that opened a great controversy on social networks for the millionaire jewel that the interpreter of ‘Sapito’ received.

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