They threw Pedro Sola for criticizing how the women of Mazatlán drive

Pedro Sola spoke about the budget of a European festival and caught the attention of the director of TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram / @ tiopedritosola)

Pedro Sola is one of the most popular television hosts due to his extensive career in Windowing, however, on this occasion he was involved in controversy due to to a comment he made on social networks to refer to the women who live in the north of the country.

It was from your account Twitter where the entertainment journalist pointed out his disagreement with the way Sinaloans drive their cars.

“Here in Mazatlán, the more blonde and elegant women are and they drive luxury cars or trucks, The more poorly educated they are to drive, what schools have their parents sent them to? Sure to some where they did not give them civility and civility, “he said.

Quickly, reactions began to flood the publication of Pedrito Alone and some Internet users supported the opinion of the famous.

“Buchonas, they call them, and no, they don’t need to go to school”, “Ay Pedrito, I’m pro ladies but cEvery woman I see at the wheel is a danger started by my mother, is that they are terrible at least in Morelos “, pointed out some of the mentions.

Pedro Sola criticizes women who drive
Pedro Sola criticized the Mazatlan women who drive (Photo: Twitter @pedrosola)

However, other users attacked the driver and stressed that it was not the first time that he spoke badly of the people of this region of Mexico.

“With all due respect Pedrito, They go several times complaining about how the people of the north are and on their vacations they always returnBecause you don’t know the south of the country better, I say at least the complaint may be different ”,“ You seem like a curmudgeon to me. Do youWhat eagerness to go on vacation and go getting sick? Oh my GOD!”some expressed.

While others added: “Recommend the school where you were trained in the art of gossip, lack of ethics and lack of social values! ” or “Thank your television station for perpetuating that specific stereotype that you complain so much about, years of pop culture have given the mother just that, education, civility and civility.”

This is not the first time that Pedro has only caused outrage after referring to Mazatlán, because in mid-2021, the artist traveled to this part of the country and made some negative comments, after walking on cracked pavement.

Pedro Sola at the vaccination center (Photo: Twitter capture / @ pedrosola)
Pedro Sola went to Mazatlán in 2021 and complained about the cracked pavement (Photo: Twitter capture / @ pedrosola)

Everything is so precarious in Mexico that you arrive at an airport in a tourist destination like Mazatlán and they get you off the plane halfway through the runway and you walk between the parked planes and on a broken pavement to get to the terminal, a sad reality that we live in, “wrote the driver at that time from his social networks.

This caused all kinds of ridicule from the tweeting community and many pointed it out because they did not know what the situation in many parts of the country was.

You can wait in the US while we get to the first world Don @pedrosola. Serious question: Until now, did you realize the precarious situation or in times of the PRI or PAN was it not worth criticizing? ”Said a tweeter about Pedro Sola’s opinion.

“It is sad that we live in a country where 70% of Mexicans have never been to an airport and there are people who always live in their pastel pink world,” another Internet user described by the driver’s message.


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