They want Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano as protagonists of a soap opera that goes from hate to love, by Telemundo

We spoke with Daniella Navarro and in this interview we were able to tell her that many of her fans would like to see her alongside Nacho Casano starring in a telenovela for Telemundo. After seeing how the romance between Nacho and Dani arose, the fans refuse not to see them on the screen anymore, now that the reality show is about to end.

For this reason, many want the real-life soap opera to jump to TV and become a soap opera that shows a love story that goes from hate to love, just as they lived it inside The House of the Famous.

Daniella happily told us that if this happened then they could no longer criticize her for kissing him. To this day, it is worth mentioning, it seems that the memory of Daniella Navarro, keeps Nacho Casano with a smile on your face, even when you don’t feel comfortable together Salvador Zerboni and Ivonne Monterotwo people that he considers do not deserve to have reached the final, and who swears and perjures will not win first place on the successful Telemundo reality show.

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