They warn that Ómicron can kill and should not be considered a mild variant

This Thursday, January 6, the World Health Organization (who) assured that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is killing people around the world and it is a mistake to classify it as a ‘mild’ variant.

It is because of that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is the head of the WHO, was again in charge of putting on the table the havoc caused by omicron with the high number of cases, where the data revealed that it is more contagious than the delta variant, which has increased the pressure on the hospitals.

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The WHO director said at a press conference that: “Although omicron appears to be less severe compared to delta, especially for vaccinated people, it does not mean that it should be classified as mild”.

Since this variant also causes hospitalizations and is killing people, so Tedros warned that the problem with being more contagious is that the number of cases has increased exponentially and this has made the demand in medical centers it is outdated.

They warn that Ómicron can kill and should not be considered a mild variant. Photo: AFP

According to the WHO, last week it was reported that there was a record with around 9.5 million new infections by Covid-19, this figure increased by 71% compared to the previous week. But Tedros emphasized that the true figure could be much worse.

In the first speech of the year 2022 that the director of the World Health Organization gave, he took the opportunity to attack the rich countries that had no regard to hoarding the doses of the vaccines that were available last year.

Since it was thanks to this type of action that the ‘perfect breeding ground’ was created for new variants of the dreaded virus to appear.

They warn that Ómicron can kill and should not be considered a mild variant. Photo: AFP

Maria van kerkhove, technical director in charge of the WHO’s Covid-19, warned that omicron is likely not the last variant we hear about nor will it be the last worrying variant.

Tedros insisted that by 2022 the vaccine doses be distributed more fairly, the objective in the first place was that by the end of September 2021 there would already be 10% of the vaccinated population and 40% by the end of December.

“Inequality in access to vaccines kills people and jobs and undermines the global economic recovery”warned the head of the WHO.

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